3 1/2 Stars

Cafe Allegro

Address: 51 South 12th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15203
$$ Editor's Pick
Café is a term that conjures up images of those wonderful European eating establishments that are comfortable, creative and casual. Cafes are also environments that attract a community of people who share a common passion, be it food, wine, music, art, conversation, or just a steaming cup of espresso and a friendly, smiling face.

Le Mont

Address: 1114 Grandview Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15211
$$ Editor's Pick
Experience the Pinnacle of Fine Dining - LeMont is the area's ONLY Five-Star rated restaurant, featuring continental cuisine, impeccable service and an unsurpassed view of Pittsburgh


Address: 634 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Chef Michael Rudman totes his 22-year talent and signature crab cakes to the Willow menu, popular for its attentiveness to a variety of tastes. Steak or scallops, Rudman's approach is to use strong flavors conservatively so that they won't mask the delicacy of other flavors of a dish. The results are uncomplicated, yet substantially flavorful-classics with a creative twist.


Address: 1150 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
ELEVEN, where Downtown meets the Strip, is the eleventh and most innovative restaurant yet from the big Burrito restaurant group. CONTEMPORARY American flavors are combined to create a fresh and truly original menu. The KITCHEN, the center of Eleven's high-energy urban atmosphere, is where indigenous and seasonal ingredients provide inspiration for Chef Greg Alauzen and his team. ELEVEN CONTEMPORARY KITCHEN-Complex flavors, simply prepared.


Address: 2000 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Kaya’s® cuisine is inspired by the sea and sun, melding fresh, high quality ingredients with bold flavor and alluring preparation. Executive Chef Brandy Stewart draws from the Caribbean Islands, South America, the Pacific and beyond, using only the freshest herbs and spices combined with the excitement of a sizzling grill to create food that is exotic and lively. The varied and complex menu and festive tropical drinks have made Kaya® an award-winning dining destination for 10 years.


Address: 229 S. Highland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Casbah - Meditarenean Kitchen and Wine Bar is casual fine dining with the freshest of ingredients, featuring elegant classic an innovative ever-changing daily menu. Featuring the cuisines if the Mediterranean and Northern Africa, Casbah is one of Pittsburgh’s premier destinations for special nights, celebrations and gatherings.


Address: 5847 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Soba is Pittsburgh's premiere example of Pan-Asian cuisine. Housed in a richly decorated three-story building, Executive Chef Jamie Achmoody matches the plush ambiance with his introspective translation of traditional Asian themes.


Address: 5849 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
Vinegared rice is the heart of all sushi. Despite what Americans think, sushi does not mean "fish" in Japanese but rather signifies any vinegared rice dish. The fish is sashimi. Wrap the two together in portions and sell it as sushi, and the name still refers to the rice, not the fish.