Praha 1 Restaurants

St. Martin

Address: Vlašská 358/7, Malá Strana, Prague 1, 11800
St. Martin
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Traditional Czech cuisine - In the mood for something traditional? You can choose from the best traditional recipes. Gourmet specialties and the best wine - Saint Martin is a patron of winemakers, and there's no better company for good wine than great food. International and vegetarian meals - Do you prefer something fresh or have feelings for animals? We do too! Enjoy our vegan and vegetarian selection.

U Magistra Kelly

Address: Šporkova 5, Praha 1, 11800
U Magistra Kelly
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Welcome to our little pub in MALÁ STRANA! We believe that the best meals are those made from the heart, according to a traditional recipe with proper and fresh ingredients. We make smoked sausages and pickled cucumbers ourselves. At our place, the meat falls from the bone, and our cracklings are homemade. We also offer fresh salads, vegetarian dishes and a large selection of traditional Czech classics. BEER & WINE - Pilsner Urquell, non-filtered beer Gambrinus, and dark beer Kozel and the best local wines.

Le Valmont Club and Lounge

Address: Uhelný Trh 414/9, Staré Město, Prague, 11100

Café Louvre

Address: Narodni 22, Prague, 11000
Café Louvre
A spacious interior within a century-old building on National Avenue was among first coffee houses denoting modern age. Named Louvre, the place is a popular destination for everyone who has a liking for the aromatic ambience of a typical coffee lounge. The reasons are obvious. The depth of the room, a row of high windows, stucco decorations, all those are attributes typical for a coffee parlor in the traditional sense, or rather classical - to the Parisian style.

David Restaurant

Address: Trziste 21, Prague, 11800
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Restaurant David is best known for its quiet and upscale atmosphere. The lovely interior is styled with antique furniture and Michal Halva originals on the walls. Recorded classical music is played. The capacity of fourty seats is divided into two rooms, and in the summer it is possible to sit outside.

V Zatisi

Address: Liliova 1, Prague, 11000
Located in a close proximity to the Bethlehem Chapel is V Zatisi ("The Sanctuary') a wine restaurant. After a recent renovation this establishment commands the vistors not only with it's new facelift but with it's renowned cusine. You may chose to dine in one of the three dining rooms V Zatisi's has to offer. Sit in contemporarily-styled environment while dining on grilled fillets of red snapper served over a saute of buttery gourd with potatoes in a lemon thyme and ginger Beurre Blanc. Or you my chose to sit in more classical environment while dining on a delightful plate of …

U Rotta

Address: Male namesti 3, Prague, 11000
With the centuries of tradition of our architectural surroundings well in mind, we devote ourselves to the careful preparation of old Czech specialties according to authentic recipes, which can be enjoyed in original Romanesque or Gothic cellars or the “Peasants’ Hall” with its traditional decoration, all to the sounds of equally authentic Czech folk songs and dances.


Address: Valentinska 11, Prague, 11000
Borek Sipek the architect and owner of Arzenal, invites you to a wondrous combination of modern design elements and a millenium old tradition conveyed by one of the most diversified cuisines of the east. Feel the combine worlds as you sit comfortably in a unique surrounding and order a dish which has been prepared for you by the team of chefs orginates in Thai recepies proven over centuries and continuously refreshed with new knowledge. The bonding of the east and west is mediated through the Thai cuisine with dishes like khang khow Wan- beef, pork, chicken, or tofu meat in …


Address: Malostranske namesti 5, Prague, 11800
Renowned for its high standard hospitality, this century old classic coffe house a former popular meeting place for many personalities, has transformed its appearance to a an ultra modern versatile gastronomic establishment known as restaurant Square. This clean cut and richly articulated modern desgin establishment offers an ambience that welcomes you to dine and enjoy dishes like warm tapas, baked eggplant soup with pancetta taost, poached quail eggs, home-made tagliatelle with lentils, Petti di pollo chicken breast with lime-potato mash and artichokes with sage sauce. With an authentic cuisine from the sunny Mediterranean you will be able to enjoy tasty …

Rybí Trh

Address: Tyn 5, Prague, 11000
Located in the heart of Old Town is Rybi trh, one of the best fish restaurants in the city. With it's recent construction, this neatly designed interior has an open kitchen with space that is dominated by the dream of many chefs. Head chef Pavel Mares is young man full of courage and ideas. Enjoy a savoury Indonesian Tuna fish steak with fried zucchini, oven baked garlic and Beurre Blanc sauce. Watch out because the sculptures on the stone cornices would like you to turn their heads, so they can have a look at your delicious grilled Black Tiger shrimps …


Address: Nerudova 40, Prague, 11800
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While in Prague be sure to stop by Cowboys Steaks & Coctails. Undertake the trouble of walking up several stairs to dine at the restaurants garden terraces and you will not be disapointed. It is here high above your head where you will see the spires of St. Vitus Cathedral and the ramparts along palace buildings. The interior built of american tradition unfolds before you eyes when you first enter the place. Beef Entrecote steak, "Cowboys" sirloin burger prepared on lava stone, or a whole Sea Bass, these are just a few of the star items on the menu. With …


Address: Parizska 17, Prague, 11000
You can't leave Prague with out visiting restaurant Pravada. Situated in a corner building on Parisian Avenue this establishment features four restaurant spaces. You can choose to dine in a moderately styled interior with minimalistic trends, or in a chamber that displays a design that is reminiscent of the Orient. If this does not appeal to you than dine in a elegant space designed to the esprit appearance of a French restaurant. Enjoy a tasteful lunch serving of lamb tenderloin marinated in herbs and garlic served with pearl potatoes, vegetables and red wine sauce. Or for dinner you can try …

Mount Steak

Address: Josefska 1, Prague, 11800
Just a few steps from the Charles Bridge, down a steep staircase in a house on Josefska street you will find a steak paradise, the restaurant bearing a name that is contradictory to its location. Known for its beef classics prepared from the local beef-cattle and renowned breeds from the Southern hemisphere, Mount Steak offers an assortment of extremely orginal meats. However some meats will not be acceptable to everyone. For those eager it is here where you can dine on zebra, ostrich, horses, kangaroos, snake, shark, buffalo, antelope, ray, swordfish and even Anajmudi Mount, a crocodile steak prepared to …


Address: Navratilova 10, Prague, 11000
Where in Prague can you find the mystical Japanese tea ceremony Cha-no-yu, at Miyabi. All though not located in the middle of town, you will find Miyabi near the New Town City Hall (Novomestska radnice) tower. Under the the direction of masters in sushi, Messrs Kazata, Yoshida and Matsuda, prepare yourself for a menu that offers twenty-one types of Nigirisushi, sumptuous plates of sashimi, vegetarian makizushi, as well as Onigori, cirazushi and misoshiru - the soya paste soup. All accompanied by Obento and Odjumono! With furnishings and decorations and even an area that includes stepping stones in front of an …

Kampa Park

Address: Na Kampe 8b, Prague, 11800
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Situated in one of the Old Town nooks in Prague you will find Kampa Park, a clear design reflective structure with a non-traditional look. Dine on the lower terrace and stretch your leg over the edge of the deck and bathe your toe will enjoying tasty viands of magnificently prepared fish. Kampa Park offers a rich selection of fish specialties like, Scallops sashimi with ponzu sauce, enoki mushrooms and hot sesame or hazel-nut oil, Bouillabaisse with saffron aioli, roasted Turbot with boletus, gourd fondant, bean ragout and chicken jus with capers. To dine in Prague and not stop by Kampa …

La Bodeguita Del Medio

Address: Kaprova 5, Prague, 11000
Enjoy a Mojito exactly the same way Papa Ernesto did back in a garage in Havana at La Bodeguita, the fourteenth sister of the higly renowned Havana restaurant. Located in Prague next to the Rudolfinum concert hall it is here where you can treat your appetite to tasteful viands like Bolitas de carne, meatballs with hot tomato salsa and rice, Rabode toro, roasted beef tail with olives, creamy salsa and rice, or Chilindron de Cordero, spicy pieces of lamb in red wine sauce, Salsa Rojo, served with Mojo Cuban baked potatoes. The embracing atmosphere will captivate you as soon as …

U Sedmi Svabu

Address: Jansky vrsek 14, Prague, 11800

Alchymist Club Restaurant

Address: Hellichova 4, Prague, 11800

Gitanes Mediterranean Restaurant

Address: Trziste 7, Prague, 11800

La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise

Address: Hastalska 18, Prague, 11000