Pretoria Restaurants

10 8 Excalibur Avalon Restaurant

Address: Cnr Tierkloof Rd & R24, Waterfall, Rustenburg, 0299
Excalibur Avalon Restaurant
$$ Recommended New Editor's Pick Private Room Outdoor Seating
Transforming medieval recipes into products to tickle twenty-first century taste buds is an exciting challenge, and this is where the fusion between past and present really happens. The Avalon Restaurant combines modern technology with medieval flavours to create a surprisingly happy pairing. Medieval food was seasonal, sustainable, and often dairy-free. What’s not to love! Recreating medieval dishes is an adventure. Medieval cookbooks only detail the food of the elite, and it’s unlikely that any were written by the cooks themselves! Like incomplete puzzles, the recipes rarely mention quantities, or temperatures, and give few instructions. We have sensitively reconstructed, with a …

10 8 Fleisherei Bistro - Centurion

Address: 221 Landshut Dr, Brakfontein, Centurion, 0299

10 8 Eugene's Casa Portugesa

Address: 69 Freight Rd, Louwlardia, Centurion, 1683

10 8 Hyto Tyto

Address: Black Korhaan Drive, Olifantsfontein, 1692

10 8 PlayTown

Address: 35 Park Avenue South Avenue, Centurion, 0157

10 8 OP Village House Dinee

Address: Old Southpan Road, Pretoria, 0116

10 8 Labora Yard

Address: 106 Migmatite Dr, Centurion, 0163

10 8 Clay Cafe Red Barn

Address: 7 Nelson Rd, Sunlawns A.H, Olifantsfontein, 1665

10 8 Black Bamboo

Address: 207 Tugela Rd, Pretoria, 0001