10 8 Acquerello

Address: 1722 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
$$$$$ Top 10
Housed in a former chapel, Acquerello is simply heavenly. The stunning pitched roof and calm, peaceful setting offer a cheerful and elegant setting, but it is the service and cuisine that keep guests returning. Chef Suzette Gresham offers tantalizing renditions of modern Italian cuisine, with vibrant, creative dishes such as wide ranch egg pappradelle with moist duck ragu, beet tortelloni filled with spinach and beet greens in gorgonzola cream sauce, and pancetta wrapped diver scallops over wilted Swiss chard. Co-owner Giancarlo Paterlini oversees an impressive wine program, graciously complimenting everything that comes out of the kitchen. Prix fixe menus allow ...

10 8 Coi

Address: 373 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94133
$$$$$ Top 10
Although Coi’s décor exudes a soothing calm in shades of earthy minimalism, its cuisine is a jolt of culinary electricity. Chef Daniel Patterson’s tasting menus take diners on a sensuous adventure reflective of his diverse culinary background, which includes a stint at the infamous El Bulli. A meal at Coi is an exercise in the revelry of the unexpected: a starter might include the application of essential oils to the wrist, while a dessert might be couched in smoked yogurt. The result is an experience that embodies the doe-eyed wonder of childhood with the poise and refinement of haute cuisine.

10 8 The French Laundry

Address: 6640 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599
The French Laundry
Since its opening in 1994, Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry has brought a small piece of the French country side to Northern California. The French Laundry’s philosophy is to have guests experience an emotional journey as they dine. The staff strives to leave the guest’s palate at the very height of pleasure and curiosity wherein patrons are surprised and riveted by the culinary experience and creativity with which they are presented. It is for this reason that Thomas Keller’s team crafts 2 new menus daily: a chef’s tasting menu and a vegetable tasting one. Each is a pre fixe menu ...

10 8 Saison

Address: 2124 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94110
Saison, meaning season in French, strives to serve up the best flavors of the season: a practice for which this Michelin starred restaurant has been acclaimed. The food isn’t the only thing that patrons rave about, however. The hip and swanky décor elevates the status of this restaurant, while fireplaces used for cooking expertly crafted dishes allow Saison to glow with homey warmth. With an open kitchen, guests can keep an eye on how their meal is being created. A lucky few can even opt for the Chef’s Table, which also comes with a prix fixe menu equipped with plenty ...

10 8 The Potters' Studio

Address: 1221 8th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

10 8 Masa's

Address: 648 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
Masa’s has mastered elegant simplicity. Executive chef Gregory Short continues the Masa tradition of exquisitely prepared and well-paired contemporary French dishes presented in a select assortment of tasting menus. Masa’s menu is trimmed of excess fat, leaving only the most succulent and high quality of dishes organized into overwhelmingly indulgent six and nine-course dinners. Like its pared-down menu, Masa’s décor exudes a confident and precise minimalism. Dark chocolate walls contrast with stark white tablecloths, while vases filled with pink and white roses and black and white toile chairs add notes of pastoral charm. The overall effect suggests Masa’s is a ...