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10 8 Chenery Park

Address: 683 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA 94131-3033
Chenery Park
Nestled in Glen Park, Chenery Park is a refreshing restaurant. Like deep inhale of fresh air, Chenery Park’s simplistic arrangement of décor and flower bouquets throughout the establishment gives guests a refreshing arena of bliss. Head chef’s Richard Rosen and Gaines Dobbins are notable chefs in the San Francisco culinary circle. Chef Rossen is trained in classic French cuisine, however he and Chef Dobbin brings a contemporary American cuisine to Chenery Park. Also, Chenery Park is a great place to bring your kids and have a grand ole time. Every Tuesday evening , they have Kids Club where kids can ...

10 8 Le P'tit Laurent

Address: 699 Chenery Street, San Francisco, CA 94131-3033
Le P'tit Laurent
While on vacation in the United States, Laurent Legendre visited the great city of San Francisco and feel in love with the city. So in July of 2007, Lengendre opened his own restaurant in Glen Park and named it Le P’tit Laurent. Serving exquisite French cuisine, Le P’tit Laurent rustic style décor and French artwork easily transport guests to the side streets of Paris, France. In addition, their entrees are a twist of classic country style French cuisine and head chefs Julio Caceres own culinary ethos. His impressive entrees are fresh and daring that attracts guest and the regulars to ...