Tadich Grill

240 California Street, San Francisco CA 94111
$$$ Seafood

San Francisco has a rich history of serving fresh and delicious seafood, but no seafood restaurant has more history than the Tadich Grill. As the oldest continuously running restaurant in San Francisco, the Tadich Grill has had plenty of time to develop a time-tested method for pleasing its customers. Opened as a coffee stand in 1849, the restaurant is not only one of the oldest restaurants in town, but also the first to cook its fresh, local seafood in a mesquite charcoal broiler, adding a delicious smoky flavor. Customers often wait in long lines to enjoy the popular oysters and seafood, as well as the many other stews, casseroles, and meat dishes that have been the backbone of Tadich Grill's menu for over 90 years. Regulars take comfort in the day-of-the-week menu, which features special dishes like Lamb Roast and Beef Tongue that have been refined and improved over the years. Not only do customers return week after week, year after year for the excellent food, but also for the tremendous service that the restaurant provides—as evidenced by the professional uniform of white jackets and black pants worn by the friendly servers. See the many wonderful things that have kept people returning to Tadich Grill year after year by visiting the restaurant in the Financial District tonight.


Business Info

  • Address: 240 California Street, San Francisco CA 94111
  • Cross Street: Front Street
  • Location: San Francisco | Financial District
  • Cuisine: Bar-B-Q | Seafood |
  • Cost: | Moderate
  • Category: Casual Dining
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Unknown
  • Dress Code: Unknown
  • Meals Served: Dinner |
  • Parking: None |
  • Payment Options: None |
  • Corkage Fee: N/A
  • Phone: (415) 391-1849
  • Features: None,
  • Occasion: None,


Tadich Grill - Tadich Grill
Tadich Grill - Tadich Grill Tadich Grill - Tadich Grill Tadich Grill - Tadich Grill Tadich Grill - Tadich Grill Tadich Grill - Tadich Grill

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