San José - Costa Rica Restaurants

10 8 Sabor a Tango

Address: Terrazas Lindora, Santa Ana, 10906

10 8 Restaurante De Lucía

Address: 200m Sur de la Escuela de Cerro Plano, Monteverde, 60109
Restaurante De Lucia is one of the oldest and most renown restaurants in the Monteverde area with a little over 23 years since it opened its doors to the public. It's a family owned business with a friendly and comfortable environment and a very nice location. It is close to many hotels such as Hotel El Establo, Hotel Cala Lodge, Hotel Monteverde Country Lodge and Hotel Heliconia. Restaurante De Lucia offers great grilled fillets such as fillet mignon and mexican fillets as well as Peruvian ceviche, lasagna and much more. De Lucia is a great place to enjoy a romantic …

10 8 BULAT

Address: Pedregoso, Copey, 11703

10 8 El Ñame

Address: Playa Santa Teresa, Cobano, 06111
El Ñame
$ Recommended New Editor's Pick
Fine cooking. Local products. Mediterranean food with south american influences. Gluten free and vegan options.