Restaurant Star Rating

Table Agent awards stars to Sheridan Wy restaurants on a five point scale, after considering the food, service, ambience, wine list, value and overall dining experience. A separate scale is used for the cost of a meal (click here to view cost scale). Ratings represent a combination of Table Agent staff evaluations and our website users' feedback. Everyone who makes a reservation through our website is asked for their feedback after their dining experience, which is then factored into a restaurant's overall rating. To see the top-ranked restaurants by users, please visit the Best Restaurants page. And don't forget to make a reservation to have your feedback counted towards our restaurant ratings!

Below is a brief explanation of what guests may expect from restaurants based on their star rating. Half stars are used to indicate restaurants that lie between more than one star rating category, or that have one or more aspects - either food, service, or ambience - that can be rated in a higher category, but another aspect that is rated in a lower category. For example, a restaurant with outstanding food and good but not extraordinary service might be awarded 3 1/2 stars.

5 Stars - Extraordinary

One of a kind, flawless dining experience, with consistently exceptional food of exquisite quality and artful presentation, perfectly executed and gracious service, in an elegant and/or luxurious setting. Wine list of exceptional depth, breadth, and organization that complements cuisine; superior presentation and wine service.

4 Stars - Excellent

Memorable dining experience, with outstanding food, fresh, high quality ingredients, distinctive and/or imaginative presentations, professional service in a refined atmosphere. Well-chosen wine list representing quality producers, with selections chosen to match cuisine, price and style; knowledgeable and helpful wine service.

3 Stars - Very Good

Enjoyable dining experience, with skillfully prepared food, attention to presentation, well-trained, efficient service in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Appropriate and varied wine list; staff familiar with wines.

2 Stars - Good

Consistent dining experience, with fresh food prepared to order, competent service in a clean setting. Limited wine selection by the glass and bottle.

1 Star - Fair

A good value dining experience with ordinary food, adequate service, and a clean, practical setting. Limited wine selection by the glass or no wine selection.

No Stars - Below Average.

An unsatisfactory dining experience.

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