Utrecht Restaurants

10 8 The Malt Vault

Address: Oudegracht 54 (aan de werf), Utrecht, 3511AS
The Malt Vault
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We are here to bring the joy of whisky to those who have not yet been acquainted with this wonderful golden drop and to those who are already a lifetime companion of the famous aqua vitae. We encourage you to sit back, relax and enjoy the food by choosing from more than three-hundred whiskies on offer from our selection. Please note that due to the current situation: -we require groups to be all from the same household. -we will do a health check at the entrance. -we will require you to use a hand sanitizer at the entrance. -we require …

10 8 Heerlijkheid - Eck en Wiel

Address: Veerweg 5, Eck en Wiel, 4024BP

10 8 Koffie in de bakkerij

Address: Kerkstraat 21a, Leerdam, 4141 AT

10 8 Restaurant De Smidse

Address: Oude Doelen 58, Hilversum, 1211 CJ

10 8 Het Goeie Heertje

Address: Fonteinstraat 33, Leerdam, 4141 CE

10 8 Pos Catering

Address: 153 Oud-Loosdrechtsedijk, Loosdrecht, 1231 LT

10 8 Grand Athina

Address: 2 Stationsweg, Leerdam, 4141 HB

10 8 Karibu Café

Address: 330 Oudenoord, Utrecht, 3513

10 8 Grand Café Figi

Address: 2 Het Rond, Zeist, 3701HS

10 8 D'Amici

Address: Kees Valkensteinlaan 8, Vleuten, 3451CJ