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Pikante Luzern

Address: 4 Klosterstrasse, Luzern, 6003
Pikante Luzern
The restaurant "Pikante" was opened in summer 2017 as the first Peruvian restaurant in the Lucerne area. It is managed by Emilio Espinosa Schwarz, a trained chef and gastronome with Peruvian and Swiss roots. The Peruvian cuisine is the result of the union of numerous influences, based on the traditional cuisine of the Incas. During the colonial period, influences of the Spanish cuisine dominated. In the 19th century, elements of various immigrant cuisines were adopted, including African, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French and English cuisine.


Address: Giessereistrasse 18, Zürich, 8005

Surbtal Bistro

Address: 9 Marktgasse, Endingen, 5304

Sags im Barz

Address: 4 Bankgasse, St. Gallen, 9000


Address: Route de croix, Savièse, 1970

Palaver Bar

Address: 22 Stradung, Savognin, 7460


Address: 2 Gustav-Gull-Platz, Zürich, 8004

Simon Says Taste Taiwan

Address: 39 Zwinglistrasse, Zürich, 8004

Osteria del Centro

Address: 50 Via Cantonale, Comano, 6949

Boiler Club

Address: 18 Rathausgasse, Aarau, 5000