National Doughnut Day: Happy days are here again!

Hear ye’, hear ye’! Today we celebrate the most noble of holidays: National Doughnut Day! The first Friday of each June is designated to honor the deep-fried pastry we all hold so dear, and this year is no exception. Purveyors of jelly-filled, chocolate-covered, and sprinkled varieties nationwide are commemorating the special occasion by offering free doughnuts. In particular, Dunkin’ Donuts is handing out one free pastry with every drink order (one per customer); Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is spreading the rich sugary wealth by offering one doughnut to every customer, no questions asked.

And what better to go with that uber-sweet ring of joy than a healthy side of equally free knowledge. Did you know that The Salvation Army is responsible for creating this joyous holiday? The year was 1938, and the Chicago branch of the Salvation Army was in serious need of funds in the midst of the Great Depression. In an effort to raise cash and also honor the Salvation Army volunteers who served doughnuts to our soldiers fighting on the front lines during WWI, “National Doughnut Day” was born. In fact, the term “doughboy” became a popular name for US Army infantryman during the war. Share these interesting facts today with friends while you savor your free doughnut, and revel in the sweet feeling of being in-the-know.             


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