Redefining Dinner Theater

Dinner theater is having its fourth wall broken down at Farrelli’s Cinema Supper Club in Scottsdale.  Already renowned for being the only place in Arizona to go and watch a movie while you eat, Farrelli’s is taking dinner theater a step further with showings of Julie & Julia, the Julia Child-inspired film.  A special French menu will be available for diners, some of the items Child’s own elaborate recipes.
Farrelli’s combines the luxuries of dining out and going to see a movie, all in one convenient location.  The lobby includes a plush lounge where guests can relax, mingle, or enjoy a drink before the movie.  If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, they have a list of popular drinks named after classic movie stars, an interesting bit of nostalgia.  For post-theater entertainment, the lounge is also convenient for rehashing the film’s memorable moments over a decadent dessert.  The theater itself is built more like an expansive Las Vegas lounge with tiered seating, large tables, wide cushioned seats, and copious space to prevent diners from bumping elbows while cutting their food.  
In addition to the special French menu, Farrelli’s is offering their regular menu during shows of Julie & Julia.  The theater’s wide variety of upscale food and dishes accommodates various tastes and predilections.  The service is reputed to be tantamount to the stealth of ninjas; servers enter, clear the table, and exit quietly to prevent anything that would take a viewer out of the movie.  Farrelli’s recognizes that dinner conversation is to be expected and offers different areas and high ceilings to eliminate echoes and noise as much as possible.
Service aside, the real treat is eating food right out of the movie like an incredibly realistic 4-D effect.  To complete the theme, French wine is also offered throughout the meal service.  Dining on food that an onscreen character is striving to cook allows diners to identify with the chef, and also establishes an appreciation for the full range of flavors and ingredients on their plate.  Farrelli’s offers regular dinner service with recent movies, but the showing of Julie & Julia will sure to be a food experience not soon forgotten.
An average three-course meal at Farreli’s costs around $30 and general adult admission for the movie is $8.50, added to the bill after the movie.  For reservations or more information, follow the link in this article to Farrelli's website.  Dinner shows of Julie & Julia will be playing along with the current selection of movies until November 5th, so make reservations before this unique experience disappears.  
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