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10 8 The Wilder

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10 8 Meadhall

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10 8 Dinner At The Farm

Address: 712 Pratt Corner Rd, Shutesbury, MA 01002
Dinner At The Farm
Welcome to Dinner At The Farm! By signing up for an evening meal at Ancient Ponies Farm you are giving me the opportunity to practice my culinary skills as I experiment with local ingredients to create nutritious, nourishing, aesthetically pleasing and (hopefully) delicious meals. Through this project, come harvest time at the farm, I aim to have developed a mental encyclopedia of recipes and ways of working with the abundance of farm fresh ingredients we'll have available. A unique aspect of this dining experience is also the fact that, prior to arriving to dinner, you don't know who you might …

10 8 Antiquetablesalem

Address: 26 congress street , Salem , MA 01970