20 Smart Tips for Everyday Grilling

Sweep off the patio, bring out your favorite cooking tools, and dust off the grill: grilling season is upon us! It’s finally time once more to satisfy that yearning for the smell of smoldering charcoal by lighting up the barbecue for some serious meat-charring fun. Yes, time-tested recipes have their place this season at family get-togethers; and yes, self-proclaimed grill masters everywhere will swear to the brilliance of their unique techniques. But if you’re interested in expanding your grilling horizons, we suggest reading this Food and Wine article, “20 Smart Tips for Everyday Grilling.”

Kristen Donnelly asked twenty chefs to reveal some of their most prized grilling tips, and scored some great trade secrets in the process. Did you know brushing burgers with butter while they grill caramelizes the meat’s natural sugar? Chef Laurent Tourondel, of BLT Burger in Las Vegas, swears by it. And we bet it’s a surprise to some to learn that grilling the ingredients of one’s basting sauce on skewers before pureeing them brings out all the right flavors.

These are only two of the ingenious tips served up by Ms. Donnelly and her crew of fire-wielding chefs. Read the entire article for all the tricks you’ll ever need to know to claim the title among family and friends as “Master of the Grill.”   

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