Wine Mouthfeel Wheels

If you have trouble pinpointing exactly what you like about certain wines, a new tool may help. The White Wine Mouthfeel Wheel, developed by researcher Gary Pickering at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, quantifies the tactile characteristics wine can have on the palate. The wheel was published in the Journal of Wine Research’s March 2008 issue, although it is not yet available to the public.

A red wine mouthfeel wheel was developed in 2000, by researchers in Australia. The aim was similar, to develop a vocabulary of terms used to describe tactile sensations in wine, and to promote a common understanding of terms in the vocabulary. That wheel is available here.

Those interested might also want to check out the Wine Aroma Wheel, which was developed in 1990 and explores similar terminology, although related to aroma and flavor in wine.


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