What Not to Eat

Crab meat. Maple syrup. Movie popcorn butter. Cracked.com—think of The Onion—has put together a list of six hyper-processed foods we have in our kitchens that we probably shouldn’t.
One example is maple syrup: genuine maple syrup is the thin, delicious, and painstakingly-harvested sap of a maple tree. However, most brands of maple syrup are sweet, syrupy, buttery, and not from a maple tree. Aunt Jemima’s Original Syrup contains two types of corn syrup and various other preservatives—there might be some maple in there as a “natural flavor.” The Log Cabin brand boasts that it has replaced high fructose corn syrup with real sugar. Why not just bottle genuine maple syrup, which is sweet enough?
The links provided within the article are also informative. They explain how "crab meat" is made (multimedia content provided by Youtube), what’s in strawberry flavoring (it’s not strawberries), and what constitutes “western wasabi” (dyed horseradish).

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