Café La Boheme: Seductively Satisfying

Dinner Specialty

Chic, artistic, smart, and quirky in its aesthetic, Café La Boheme is one of West Hollywood’s most prized eateries. Seemingly quaint and rustic on the outside, Café La Boheme’s cottage façade conceals an interior of abstract impressionist design and extravagant accents. Lavish chandeliers punctuate a space that is equal parts whimsical and sophisticated—massive exposed beams support the vaulted ceiling, while a color palette of rich reds and charcoals casts a seductive glow upon the room. Guests mingle in the bar area, kanoodling on lavish red couches or over intimate bistro tables, or dine in style surrounded by intriguing sculptures, stunning light fixtures, and impressive murals. Many visitors also choose to dine al fresco on the Café La Boheme patio, surrounded by lush foliage and fanciful ambient lighting. 

At par with its welcoming yet captivating décor is Café La Boheme’s splendidly sophisticated and rustic cuisine. Executive Chef Christine Banta has been at the helm of the Café La Boheme kitchen for years, and continues to incorporate dear-to-her-heart dishes with classic technique and minimalist presentation. Melding Asian influences with French undertones, Chef Banta’s dinner menu showcases specialties like the Chicken Liver Pate, the Japanese Pumpkin Ravioli, and the Miso Glazed Salmon. Her list of Fun Bites and Signature Cocktails attracts guests yearning for tasty morsels and decadent drinks as well. 

Speaking of Fun Bites, The Café La Boheme Happy Hour is noted as being one of the best in town. Offered nightly from 5:00pm-7:30pm, all sandwiches and Fun Bites selections are half-price in the bar and lounge area. Select beers cost $4 and glasses of house wines and sangria are $5. And with well drinks and Sky infusions offered for $5, happy hour should be called ecstatic hour. A few examples of Café La Boheme signature cocktails include the Spicy Paloma with Tanteo Jalapeno Tequila, the Mango Mojito Caribbean light rum, and The Lynx with Snow Leopard Vodka. Fun Bites range from the Spicy Boheme Wings to the Bacon Wrapped Dates to the Filet Mignon Tacos. Sandwiches like the Boheme Burger and the Seared Ahi Sandwich are served on house-made focaccia rolls. 

Step out of the ordinary and into Café La Boheme for a meal clouded in culinary greatness.


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