Dining Solo in San Diego

Dining Solo


Seeking some alone time is never a bad thing. Most strive for this time of solitude during our teenage years, but somehow, this time of solitude becomes less and less as we grow older. However, dining  alone may be the best way for a time of reflection. When it come to dinner alone, some may have an aversion to eating out by themselves for fear of judgment, but why not treat yourself  to the perfect me-time date with a dinner alone? It’s cheaper and you can enjoy the calm evening by sitting in a dim lounge sipping on a martini or eating some can’t-go-wrong comfort food found at a quaint diner.  There’s no need for any shield of a book or laptop to keep yourself busy, many San Diego eateries radiate ambiance and scrumptious eats to keep you at bay. 

Wellington Steak and Martini Lounge 

You can now indulge like it’s 1929. With a speakeasy feel, the Wellington Steak and Martini Lounge is the place to go for a classy dining experience for romantics. Although there are no windows, it is elegantly decorated with velvet curtains, tessellation wallpaper, and a wall of mirrors, which gives the restaurant an illusion of depth, which betrays its cozy interior.  The small bar makes a perfect spot to pick up one of its classic Cucumber and Goose martinis. The bar is usually never too busy and has a handful of individuals sipping on their cocktails. The bartenders are classy, suave, and look straight out of a 1950’s noir film. Notably, the Wellington specializes in seven different types of steaks and 18 different martinis, making it nearly incomparable to other steak houses. One of its most popular dishes is the Beef Wellington made with  seared filet mignon, then covered with Cremini mushroom duxelle,  wrapped in puff pastry, and then served with Madeira-mushroom sauce. 


Even though Cups may sounds like the name of a bar, it is actually an organic cupcake joint. Bound Send your taste buds on a sweet revelation with Cups’ wide selection of cupcakes such as Boston Cream Pie, Pina Colada, Crème Brulee, and much more. The chewy cupcakes practically melt in your mouth and always leave you wanting more. They come in two sizes:  small and  regular, regular being about the size of an average cupcake. For those with sensitive stomachs,  cupcakes are also available in gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free options. With its cute pink and  eco-friendly décor,  a wall stacked with empty glass milk bottles, and a unique pebble floor, you can stay awhile and soak up the comfort of Cups’ homely feel. They offer barstools by the counter or small tables. Everything about this bakery is environmentally friendly from its cleaning products to 100%  compostable cups, Cups strives to make its carbon footprint minimal. This cupcake bakery makes for an excellent dessert treat or an area of relaxation after a long day. 

Studio Diner 

For dining solo, Studio Diner really hits the spot. Sit in a comfy booth or on a stool at the counter as this diner brings nostalgic feelings with its old-fashioned feel and delicious comfort food. Don’t expect semi-trucks to be parked outside as this idyllic diner is hidden in a Clairemont business park away from the freeways. Studio Diner’s chrome, narrow trailer stands out amongst the cluster of buildings. However, no matter if it’s lunch during the day or a midnight snack, Studio manages to provide excellent customer service and good-diner eats at a reasonable price. This is a family-oriented restaurant, but also a great place to dine solo and sit in one of the stools by the cook. Studio can serve you up one of their specialty Monte Cristo sandwiches, which is a ham and cheese sandwich, deep-fried and served with jelly. Expect the usual burgers and sandwiches, but Studio also cooks steaks and seafood. Open 24 hours a day, this diner makes a great eat anytime. 


With its slogan, “No shirt, no shoes, no problem,” Hodad’s - located in Ocean Beach - is routinely ranked one of the best burger joints in San Diego and its website boasts being the World’s Best Burger. At Hodad’s there is always a line out the door and going alone is a great way to go. This small restaurant has family-style seating, which means possibly sitting next to a stranger. However, Hodad’s burgers are well-worth the visit because of its juicy patties and to-die-for bacon loaded burgers. The burgers and the fry baskets proportions are extremely large, so feel free to stuff yourself; no one will judge. Wash it all down with a bottle of beer or one of their malty chocolate shakes. With burger prices ranging from $3.75 to $9.50, you can’t go wrong here when it comes to cost. But be warned: These burgers may make you salivate for days after your visit. 


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