French Wine sighted off California Coast



The French Gourmet in north Pacific Beach has an extraordinary opportunity for wine lovers going on right now. Chef Michel Malecot, owner of the bakery, restaurant and full-service catering company, tasted a plethora of wines in early February by Maison Louis Latour and will be offering over well over 50 different fine bottles and cases at just 10 percent over the list price (plus sales tax) to those who order by March 9. There are also luxurious vino offerings from the other Latour family of estates, Simonnet-Febvre and Henry Fessy that sommelier and simpleton can both enjoy. 

The Latour family themselves have been grape growers since the 17th century and the family-run company of is one of the most highly-respected wine makers in Burgundy, France. Renowned throughout the world for the quality of its red and white wines, this company has built a reputation for tradition and innovation.

Interested parties can take full advantage of this pre-sale by visiting The French Gourmet and can expect the wines to arrive in late May/early June. You can pay with cash or check and if you’re using a credit card it’s subject to a three percent fee. If you’re curious about split cases you can contact Chef Malecot for more information.



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