Help Out By Eating Out at The Prado

The Prado Colorfully Lit

The Cohn Restaurant Group knows that the results of philanthropy are often beyond measure. The Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park is now participating in the Round It Up America Program, which gives patrons the opportunity to round their bill to the nearest dollar and donate the change to various charities. The donations may be nominal, but the power of the collective and potential for frequent giving makes this program worth participating in. Beginning July 19th, the restaurant will be donating your change to the National Disaster Relief Foundation, among others.

Making the opportunity to give more enticing, happy hour is now offered up to two times a day. From 4:00pm to 6:00pm and 8:00pm to 10:00pm Tuesday through Fridays, you can partake in a selection of Spanish inspired tapas and discounted drinks. Delicacies like Crispy Green Beans and Albóndigas are offered, with drinks starting at $3.50. Additionally, Tuesdays through Saturdays starting at 7:30pm, live music from local artists will be featured. Acclaimed jazz guitarist Elliott Lawrence is a regular contributor-- his music helps set the scene so you can enjoy your sophisticated cocktail.


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