It's Burger Time


Summer is just around the corner, and it’s offering us a plethora of things to do outdoors: sunbathing to file down those unwanted tan lines, a day to perusing the park, and finally taking the grill out of the garage to cook everything that consists of meat, and more specifically—hamburgers. And yes, some might think that they are the grill master champion, making the juiciest burgers that must have been made with god’s tears. Or others, magically cooking ground beef into cooked brick pucks that puncture anything from concrete walls to steel beams. Nonetheless, everyone could use a refresher on how to create mouth watering hamburgers, so here are five tips to ensure just that. 

1. Grind your Own Beef

The farm to butcher to market process might at times give costumers an assortment of mystery parts in a batch of ground beef, mixing different sections of the cow that could decrease the quality of beef that you desire. A quick solution for that is to grind your own meat; this will make sure all your ingredients are up to your standards. An electronic meat grinder is your go-to appliance, easily whipping up ground beef in a matter of minutes. Although a conventional appliance to grind some meat, most people don’t own one because of its practicality. Don’t you fret; a food processor could work as well. Cut the meat one-inch chunks, and then freeze them for 15 minutes or so. Next, grind them via the food processor with 10 to 15 one second pulses. What is the end result? Freshly ground beef just like meat grinder. Yet tedious than buying already ground beef, grinding your own makes your patties just that much better. And you’ll receive much deserved street cred by doing so.   

2. Keep Everything Cold

While creating patties, heat is your antagonist, and it will melt away the one thing that makes a hamburger taste like heaven—fat. To prevent heat from ruining your burger—and taking over the world—place your freshly ground beef in the refrigerator before and after forming the patties for 30 to 45 minutes to cool down. Even wash your hands with cold water before constructing the patties will further avert fat depletion. 

3. Salt Patties Minutes Right Before They Hit the Grill

Salt, which is one of the most used and oldest seasonings around, will ultimately ruin your burger if added too early, dissolving muscle protein and turning burgers from moist and tender to sausage-like and springy. To avoid these disheartening characteristics, apply salt to the patties within minutes of cooking, this will assure delicate beef patties that’ll submit in ease, and your salt fix for the meal.  

4. Dimple the Patty

Cooked patties oftentimes contract, leaving you with an uneven hamburger. To prevent this blasphemy, push a small dimple at the center of the patty, which will creates a perfectly flat hamburger when cooked, not that football looking patties we all hate to look at.

5. Settle Down

After all the patties are cooked and ready to be dress to your liking, don’t attack at first sight. However, let the patties settle for two to three minutes, which will redistribute the juices to all regions of the patty, and making the end result, every bit, to die for.


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