Late Night Done Right at Florencias

Dinner Specialty

You’re hungry. It’s one o’clock in the morning. You have two options: yet another encounter under ominously buzzing neon lights with a California Burrito leaving you feeling more cheated than the last Transformers movie did; or scrumptious Italian cuisine in a relaxed, quaint environment. Really, when you look at it, you only have one option: Florencias Ristorante. Located in the heart of North Park, this Italian eatery caters to your inner night owl.

From a casual Sunday brunch with family to the Friday late night pizza-fest with the roomie, Florencias provides top-notch customer service with hours that suit everyone’s busy lifestyle. Not everyone works in the nine-to-five world anymore, so if your idea of lunch happens to be half past midnight, Florencias is the only place to be. Family owned and operated and darn proud of it, this cozy joint is awash in warm rustic hues that will settle your soul and transport you from the busy city to an Italian countryside, even in the middle of the night. Their casual atmosphere and late night dining options ranging from Veal Parmigiana to Vegetarian Pizza will have you thanking the heavens that you never have to rendezvous with back-alley carne asada again... Unless of course, you’re in to that sort of thing.


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