Mom's Eat For Free This Mother's Day

mothers day

On a day to celebrate mothers, The Cohn Group is taking care of those who took care of us all those years. On May 13, Indigo Grill, Blue Point, Bo Beau, both the La Jolla Strip Club and Gaslamp Strip Club and Corvette Diner will take care of “Mom” with a free entrée with the purchase of two additional entrees. Wherever you’re located, Little Italy, Ocean Beach, Liberty Station, La Jolla or the Gaslamp, you’ll be able to treat your mother to breakfast, lunch or dinner on Sunday. It also depends on the cuisine that Madre is in the mood for. If you’re looking for Californian food with Mexican flair, Indigo Grill has you covered with a familiar blanket of flavors but with its own Latin twist. Bo Beau is where you’ll want to go if there’s a French penchant for food and Blue Point will fill the nets and your stomach with the freshest seafood San Diego has to offer. When it comes to a hearty meal that Mom wants, The Strip Club downtown and in La Jolla will have all the meats and munchies, to prepare yourself or have prepared for you that you can imagine. And if you want fun and festive, something to bring back the time when your Mom was making breakfast for her mom, Corvette Diner has the dishes and the atmosphere to liven up that special day.

The economy is rough and we all are trying to find ways to save a penny or two. Think smart for this Mother’s Day and head to one of The Cohn Group’s restaurants that’s offering these special. Trust me; your mother would be proud of you knowing that you’re using your noggin.


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