More Restaurant Trends Amid Economic Uncertainty

This week, it’s the New York Times’ turn to cover restaurants in the downturned economy. An article published yesterday explores the trend of restaurants deciding to expand their business hours in order to serve more meals and bolster revenue. Restaurants that formerly served just lunch and dinner are opening for a breakfast service, or staying open to catch a late night crowd. Places that traditionally closed on Sundays or Mondays are starting to stay open seven days a week. The upside for diners? Not only are there more opportunities to visit your favorite restaurant, but you might be able to find a less-expensive opportunity to dine. Consider visiting for breakfast, for a mid-day snack, or even late night, when menus are often priced lower than traditional dinner service. Keep an eye out for specials too—many restaurants are starting to offer options such as specially priced prix-fixe options on Sunday evenings, or discounts on regular menu items.


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