Red, White, and Food

Ocean Fireworks

Firing up the grill this weekend really may not be exceedingly necessary, especially when Chef Charlie Palmer is extending a special menu to commemorate this loyal day of celebration. With finesse conveyed heavily through its American cuisine menu, Aureole is definitely a must visit for this relaxing weekend of leisure and festivity. Located in the Mandalay Bay Hotel on Vegas' animated strip, Aureole dares to make a statement with its renowned executive chef, seasonally influenced menu, and astounding wine tower that houses over 9,000 bottles of wine. It's no question that Chef Palmer really knows how to redefine classic American cuisine, so of course he wouldn't disappoint by adding a special Fourth of July Menu for his avid diners.

A typical dining experience at Aureole promises multifaceted dishes in the form of parallel tastings of three course meals, but small plates are also offered for the slighter appetite and budget. Chef Palmer is making the Fourth of July a weekend-long celebration by launching his special menu on July 1-July 4th. These tapa selections can be enjoyed during Aureole’s regular business hours in the Upstairs Entrance Lounge or Wine Tower Bar. Savor Grilled St. Louis Pork Ribs or Chef Palmer's ode to the Fourth with his Spicy Beef Corn Dog. Dessert options are also available, such as the stellar Red White Blue Shortcake showcasing seasonal berries with a blueberry cheesecake ice-cream.

Grab your friends and relish these savory dishes before setting your eyes on the fireworks in the Las Vegas sky!


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