Southern Home Cooking in Southern California



San Diego, arguably the epitome of true Southern California living, may very well live up to its West Coast Best Coast bragging rights: good beaches, nice people, and perpetual sunshine. But when it comes to food, California cuisine isn’t one typically associated with “homey” or “comforting” like that of our fellow citizens down in the American South. Seared ahi and pear arugula salads only satiate so much over here in the Golden State. Although, whether you’re a displaced Southerner or you’re simply hungry for lovingly made home-cooking, Luc’s Bistro in Poway welcomes you with open arms for food unlike any other in San Diego. 

Fusing together two distinct regions, Luc’s offers up Southern tradition with Parisian flare, with menus serving up lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Sunday. The casual and inviting atmosphere makes it a destination suited for a relaxed night out with friends, a nice dinner with family, or a sweet date. And the cheery wait staff is one of the most notable qualities of the place, providing attentive service for all diners, whether they are enjoying their very first or ninety-first Luc’s experience. For such all-around quality, Luc’s affordable pricing won’t break the bank. The restaurant tags its cuisine as “stylish comfort food,” and backs it with an impressive menu. “Little Bites” titles an assortment of smaller plates ranging from homemade cornbread to perfectly seasoned sweet potato fries. But if you’re looking for a real taste of the South, Crispy Crab Cakes with Avocado Cilantro Sauce or Shrimp with Creamy Grits will fit the bill. A few of these “Little Bites,” packed with big flavor, could very well serve as a full meal for those looking to sample their way through the Southern states. Though the menu has its fair share of classics, Luc’s signature, handcrafted touch kicks these familiar favorites up a whole other level. They have even ventured out to include zesty Creole and Cajun flavors into newer dishes. 

The “Big Bites” menu features a multitude of entrees including paninis, wraps, burgers, and pasta, among others—with such a selection, you’ll undoubtedly find something that suits your fancy. Rough day? Sit back down at your childhood dining table with Chicken and Dumplings revamped for your current palate, or give the tender and always flavorful Meatloaf with sautéed vegetables a go. Luc’s Baked Mac and Cheese with mozzarella, parmesan, bleu cheese and peppered bacon is another star dish, warming patrons from the inside out. Vegetarians, Luc’s got you covered, too. In addition to a number of fresh salads, the Veggie Panino with mozzarella, roasted bell pepper, roasted tomato, eggplant, zucchini, tapenade and basil sauce will offer up just as much comfort as any of the other options. But if you’re still hungry (vegetarians included), you can satisfy your Southern sweet tooth with the decadent red velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting or fresh from the oven peach crumble à la mode. And what would both American and French cuisines be without some accompanying beverages? Luc’s selection of wine, beer, and spirits is continuously growing, and the accommodating servers are more than happy to assist in delectable pairings. But true to restaurant creator, Vanessa Donato’s, Alabama childhood, sweet iced tea will couple nicely with pretty much everything on the menu. The unique spin on down-home cooking makes Luc’s Bistro a standout find in its quaint neighborhood. Look to Luc’s to get a loving fill for belly and soul!



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