Study Shows GE Corn Could Increase Infertility

A disturbing new study reported by Dr. Jurgen Zentek, a professor at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, suggests that genetically engineered (GE) corn could be having unforeseen effects on fertility.  Not to help the issue is the fact that a whopping 85 percent of America’s corn crop is genetically engineered, implying that corn consumers in the country are most likely consuming these GE crops.  In his study of GE corn-fed mice and a control group of conventional corn-fed mice, Zentek found that those fed GE corn had fewer litters, fewer offspring, and in some cases complete infertility as compared to the control group.  Zentek urgently pushes for further studies and The Center for Food Safety has called for a moratorium on GE foods until more can be determined.  For more information on this shocking studying, including biotech companies' and the FDA's involvement in the issue, see the original article by Barry Estabrook at Gourmet:


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