Tour de Italy at Solana Beach CRUSH

Tour de Italy

To tour the greater regions of Italy in one night would be highly implausible, and to be frank, it would be unwise. You would not be able to soak in the rich culture each city of Italy encompasses, like the Sicilian Baroque architecture or the traditional seaside resorts in Marches. Even more so, you would not be able to experience the traditional Italian cuisine each region encapsulates. Lucky for us, CRUSH in Solana Beach has a solution!  On June 10th, get ready for a mini holiday and take flight via CRUSH with their, "Tour of Italy Wine Dinner".  Relish in this delectable 5-course prix fixe menu that takes you on a magical tour through Italy by creating specific dishes that are notable in each unique region. 

Executive Chef Jason Colabove will take hungry patrons on an excursion through five regions of Italy, enticing their appetites with reputable dishes and his artistic culinary vision of Italian cuisine. In addition, each course is paired with the a wine from the respective region to further intensify the voyage. Start the pilgrimage at the open reception. Here, specialty appetizers such as Rock Shrimp Arancini and Assorted Italian Cheese Canapes are presented along with a selection of Italian wine to warm up guests' palates for the epicurean journey ahead. First stop is Sicily, where guests are presented with Pan Roasted Sea Scallop paired with La Segreta’s 2010 Planeta wine. Next destination is Marches. Patrons are bestowed with Porcini Mushorrom Totellini accompanied by truffles, crispy veal sweetbread and prosciutto alongside a glass of 2009 Gotezoppa from LaCrima Nera. The simplicity of Tuscan cuisine is to follow the taste of Marches. Guests are served Rabbit “Cacciatore,” braised rabbit prepared “hunter-style” with tomatoes, onions, herbs, farro risotto, rabbit jus and married with Tuscany’s finest wine reigning from Rosso Di Montalcino: 2009 Castello Banfi. Don’t slow down now; we have Piedmont’s entrée up: Natural Piedmontese Beef Tenderloin cooked in red wine and coupled with lobster cream corn and crispy onions. This Piedmont specific dish is paired with a 2007 Revello deriving from Barolo. Dinner is definitely not complete without a little hint of sugar. The last stop, in Campania, will help with that fix by offering a Buttermilk Panna Cotta served with peaches, vanilla and a tuile cookie. Relax, unwind and digest all the wonderful flavors from the pilgramage with a glass of 2010 Caravella from Lemoncello while you softly reflect on the journey that you have just taken.

Touring Italy in a day would be exhausting, so let Chef Jason Colabove take care of you on June 10, 2012. Save your vacation days from work and head to CRUSH for the experience of a lifetime.  Reserve your spot today because seating is limited.


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