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“A world of pure imagination” is the tag-line to the 70's motion picture Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory where Willy, the infamous chocolate maker, harmonizes and frolics into a choreographed musical piece while escorting a group of outsiders through his world made of decadent chocolate bliss. Although a fictionalize tale, it was one of the many catalysts for co-owners Max Fichtman and Oded Brenner to create their world: a restaurant that equally offers delicious chocolate concoctions that will satisfy any sweet tooth imaginable and New American-inspired cuisine. From that inspiration and their self proclaimed passion for chocolate, they both gave birth to Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man. Now a multi-national restaurant chain in foreign regions like Australia and Philippines, Max Brenner has touched down in The Forum Shops at Caesars, offering Las Vegas locals and tourists to enter their world of imagination.

First food, then chocolate. We wouldn't want to spoil our dinner do we? The menu at Max Brenner showcases New American-inspired appetizers and mains. Indulge in main entrees like The Sloppy Max, succulent pulled pork topped with a creamy slaw on a soft brioche style bun, or the Really Cheesy – Really Crunchy Mac & Cheese, a mix of a special 5 cheese blend, tomatoes, and smoked applewood bacon. These are a few of the entrees that Max Brenner offers that tickle the taste buds and bring any guest to a catatonic state of heaven.  

Don't throw in the towel after the main entrée though, there's more to come. Max Brenner is known for their sweets and chocolate medley, allowing a dining experience to come full circle. Max Brenner pulls out all the stops when producing a tasty treat. Each dessert is handcrafted by experienced chefs and filled with what might possibly be an illegal amount of chocolate, if there ever was any. Choose from their many chocolate filled creations like The Chocolate Chunks Pizza, a double down amount of melted chocolate chunks and a choice of two other sweet-filled topping, or Banana Split Waffles topped with vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate truffle, and caramelized rice krispies. The healthy amount of options on the dessert menu ensures a find for any sugar-fiend or chocolate lover.

As mentioned before, the idea for Max Brenner stemmed from Willy Wonka and his complexed passion for chocolate. In addition, the owners wanted to create an atmosphere that was both Wonka's factory look and feel with a bit sophistication to boot. What was created was a mixture of fantasy and high class establishment that is unique.  The dining area is laced with a network of pipes that pump 100% pure chocolate to their machines.  It is filled with dark wood décor from their tables to flooring, complementing their chocolate-loving ethos. Combined all together, Max Brenner skillfully blends an environment that is equally playful and classic. 

Max Brenner in The Forum Shops at Caesars creates a world that is both sophisticated and whimsical, providing guests a food and dessert experience that is not purely imaginative, but 100% reality.

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