All-You-Can-Eat at Truluck's in La Jolla


Monday's are not the most favored day of the week. Most nine-to-fivers dread the buzzing sound omitting for their chromatic clock at the wee hours on Monday morning. I would know, I'm one of them. I need at least two alarm clocks screaming simultaneously to prevent me from falling back to a deep REM sleep. However, we can now look forward to the beginning of the work week because Truluck's in La Jolla is offering a special that's perfect for crustacean lovers on Monday nights.

For a limited time this seafood, steak, and crab house is offering all-you-can-eat Florida Stone Crab claws every Monday night. From their traps to their tables in less than 24 hours, Truluck's serve guests  Florida Stone Crabs caught off the Isle of Capri, just outside of Naples. Sporting its trademark black tipped claws, Each Florida Stone Crab is cooked, packed in ice, and flown straight to all the Trulucks's in the United States. Their philosophy is to never serve frozen crabs to their guests, providing the first bite will be as if they were caught just minutes ago.

How can you deny an all-you-can-eat special, feasting on decadent Florida Stone Crab claws? It can't be done. This is the only time you will wish for the weekend to go by faster, just to join in on Truluck's Monday night special. Set your reservations now and lock in a spot and look forward to the beginning of the work week from now on.


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