Red Wine Can Heal Hearts


We are now aware that the chemical compounds found in red wine have amazing health benefits. They can help raise good cholesterol, prevent blood clotting and plaque formation in arteries, and can contain antioxidants. But did you know that they can prevent damage from heart cells? As Jacob Gaffney of writes in his article “Red-Wine Compound Helps Mend Broken Hearts—In the Lab,” researchers at the Cardiovascular Research Center, at the University of Connecticut,  found that resveratrol (a polyphenolic compound found in red wine) can help repair stem cells in the human heart.  

Resveratrol, Gaffney writes, is found in the skin of the grapes, and has the ability to enhance the antioxidant defense mechanism in the human body as well as increase the survival rate of heart cells. After a study done on rats, scientists concluded that when the body is in the presence of resveratrol, cells are more likely to produce more heart tissue and can naturally heal itself faster. So raise a glass! Paired with a healthy diet, red wine (in moderation, of course) is a delicious drink with health benefits that will help you enjoy wine longer.



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