Believe the Hype: 25 Forty Bistro and Bakehouse

25 Forty Bistro and Bakehouse

Looking for a place to dine with both a cozy, quaint feel as well as a modern touch? 25 Forty Bistro and Bakehouse has an answer for that. Located in the sleepy Old Town district of San Diego, this coffee-house-meets-fine-dining eatery utilizes ingredients from all over the world to create simple yet flavorful dishes meant for culinary pleasure. Curious as to what they offer? Click HERE for a look at their savory menu.  Lately, they’re offering specials that are hard to ignore. A success after only their first year in business, the attention they’ve been gaining is most certainly worth the hype.

If you’re looking for some killer weekly specials, look no further than this chic but comfortable eatery. 25 Forty Bistro and Bakehouse offers some delightful specials throughout the week. Come in between 4 and 5 p.m. to receive 30% off your food for their Early Bird Special. On Tuesdays, buy a bottle of wine and receive a complimentary starter and dessert of your choice. Wednesdays feature a fabulous three course meal with a glass of wine for only $20 per person! How’s that for a steal? If you’re interested, click HERE for more details!

If you’re ready to bring the gourmet skills of Chef Mark Pelliccia to your kitchen, than you might be interested in the special Cooking Classes offered at 25 Forty Bistro and Bakehouse. The upcoming featured classes offer a variety of teachings in different culinary practices and are sure to inspire your everyday cooking routine. With options like Pastry and Baking Basics, Vegetarian Cuisine, European Cuisine, Bread Baking, and more, 25 Forty Bistro and Bakehouse makes taking a cooking class easy, accessible and fun. You’ll learn a thing or two about having fun in the kitchen, and Chef Pellicia is excited to get started.

Want to learn a little more about this eatery? Click HERE to read the restaurant’s review. 



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