Catering Puts the Fun back in Function

Get-togethers Rule!

There are events in everyone’s life where it is imperative that a huge party be thrown- milestone birthdays, weddings, Tuesdays, etc.  There are three components that need to be present at these parties in order for them to be called a success: food, fun, and folks.    For example, a karaoke/fog machine combo is not necessarily mandatory, but it is highly, highly suggested.  As everyone knows, food is the single most important aspect to any soiree of consequence; so I have a few ideas for you to chew on.  In the ‘Folks’ department, you’re on your own for getting people there, but I have faith in your undeniable charisma and beguiling charm.  As for ‘Fun’, see the karaoke caveat.  Seriously, it works.  This is the “Triple F” of party planning and it is not to be trifled with.

When it comes to food, you really have two options:  You can try and find time in the midst of your hectic life to cook for all of your guests while balancing your job, significant other, and your trying-to-be-helpful-but-is-really-just-annoying future mother in-law, or you can step your game up, hire the professionals, and get it done right.  San Diego is just as famous for its food as it is for its beaches, so why not have some of America’s Finest City’s trained chefs do all the heavy lifting for you while you concentrate on hanging streamers and locking down the DJ?  That is, only if you aren’t going the karaoke route.  

Right now you’re wondering why you never thought of this before (About the catering, not the amount of cool points karaoke will bring you).  You’re also thinking, "Where do I even find a place that can handle the style of cuisine I need?"  Simple: take a walk.  Head on down to the famed Gaslamp Quarter and start strolling up and down Fifth Avenue.  The folks over at Urban Bar and Grill are serving up savory American cuisine on their catering menu.  For example, the BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs and the Tenderloin Kabobs are both amazing.  Feeling a little “South of the Border”?  Saunter down a block or so to La Fiesta, where they’re more than happy to provide you with authentic Mexican cuisine.  Tequila Pollo Skewers?  Sí.  Mole Poblano?  Por favor.  If you’re considering something from the sea, The Ocean Room is located right next door to La Fiesta and they would love to cater your party.  Their fish is served fresh daily and they arrange their catering menu with no pre-conceived dishes-- they customize their catering from sushi to seafood gumbo.

Maybe downtown isn’t your scene, and that’s cool.  Maybe you’re super in to sushi, and that’s cool as well.  At least it should be.  Literally.  Sushi shouldn’t be warm.  Trust me on that.  So you’ve got this big shin-dig coming up, and you want some kind fish.  Roppongi in La Jolla is your spot.  They use their sister catering company to bring you some of San Diego’s finest and freshest of what the ocean has to offer.  Need a more centrally located joint?  Try Onami-Tora in Mission Valley; they’re willing to cater everything from work related seminars to small, intimate dinners.

Speaking of small dinners, maybe a large blow-out party isn’t your style.  You prefer a quiet get-together with a couple of rad friends.  Nothing wrong with that.  I do that all the time.  Know what else I do all the time?  Not cook.  I don’t cook, constantly.  That’s why restaurants were invented.  Actually, I have no idea why, but I imagine the strong desire to not cook must have been a motivating factor.  That being said, there are plenty of restaurants around that can cater to your lack of an inner-Emeril.  For instance, you liked the catering options I mentioned earlier.  Guess what?  Each of them have beautiful dining rooms for you to relax in and enjoy good friends and good eats.


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