Coffee Shops with Character in Dallas

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Each coffee shop around the country has its own customized feel to make sipping a latte or crunching on a Biscotti cookie a soothing and revitalizing experience. In Dallas, Texas, even when the sun beats hot and the sidewalks are scorching, wayward travelers can find solace in the cool atmosphere of several particularly fashionable coffee depots. Whether you are looking for a cool treat to grant you a reprieve from the southern sun, or a jump-starting shot in the morning to jolt you into awareness; these coffee shops will pique your curiosity in more ways than one.

Opening Bell

This contemporary shop has been serving assorted arrays of specialty drinks since 2003. Every Friday night and the occasional Saturday night, the shop will offer live music from a diverse range of local musicians. Customers can relax on any one of the comfortable couches and plush chairs in the shop, or sit with friends at the traditional coffee shop roundtable. Enjoy smoothies, coffee, and even wines and beers while basking in the urban vibe of the interior design with contemporary art always on display in the shop. Opening Bell is located in the South Side on Lamar building, in Basement #012. It is open Monday through Thursday, from 7:00am until 10:00pm; Friday from 7:00am until midnight; Saturday from 9:00am until midnight; and Sunday from 9:30am until 2:30pm.

Murray Street Coffee

In a level three-story building in central Dallas, Murray Street Coffee offers the popular hybrid between coffee shop and restaurant. The most striking physical feature of this establishment is the floor plan. Though the building itself appears relatively small, a short staircase takes customers up one level where they can enjoy additional seating, or up a third level where customers can relax on sunny platforms overlooking central Dallas. Their drink selection is rather simple, offering the basic combinations of specialty lattes, cappuccinos, and drip coffees; however, they offer a wide variety of specialty sandwiches and unique desserts catering to meat-lovers, vegans and vegetarians alike. Enjoy an early morning breakfast or an afternoon snack at this quaint, yet personality-filled restaurant from the hours of 7:00am until 7:00pm Monday through Friday, and 8:00am until 6:00pm on Saturdays.

Crooked Tree Coffee House

In case customers want to enjoy specialty drinks in the comfort of their own living room, drinking at the Crooked Tree Coffee House is about as close as it comes. Priding itself on its homey, living-room-like feel, the Crooked Tree Coffee House is located just north of central Dallas on Routh Street in a quiet neighborhood locale. The Crooked Tree Coffee House offers the standard menu of items most coffee shops will boast, as well as some basic sandwich options. However, the Crooked Tree also offers its patrons a collection of ice cream and shake flavors to add to the ambiance. The Crooked Tree is open Monday through Thursday, from 6:00am until 11:00pm; Friday, 6:00am-midnight; Saturday, 7:00am until 11:00pm; and Sunday, 8:00am until 9:00pm.

Urban Dog Coffee

Located in the northern end of Dallas, Urban Dog Coffee offers an experience more geared towards adults. This is, in large part, due to their explicit art displays and urban-gothic vibe. However, that is not to say they have strayed too far from the coffee-shop dream of regular specialty drinks, lattes, ice coffees and teas. In fact, they have most of the items that a coffee shop enthusiast would expect to find in any coffee shop. They also offer several unique sandwiches that are customizable by the customer upon ordering. Though it may not necessarily be a family-geared coffee shop, Urban Dog Coffee will certainly offer a bracing experience to all of its guests. Urban Dog Coffee is open Monday through Friday, from 6:00am-8:00pm, and then Saturday from 7:00am until 8:00pm.

The Pearl Cup

With two locations, one on the east and west end of Dallas, the Pearl Cup offers a very specialized range of espresso drinks. The Pearl Cup breaks away from the popular tradition of coffee-shop/restaurant and sticks with the original espresso bar business model. Though you cannot find sandwiches or salads at the Pearl Cup, you will have a more diverse range of drink options to choose from than what is found in other Dallas coffee hubs. A calming, quiet atmosphere filled with cool jazz and dedicated readers; the Pearl Cup is the perfect place to go to escape your worries for a time. The Pearl Cup Henderson location is open Monday through Friday, from 7:00am until 9:00pm; and Saturday and Sunday, from 9:00am until 9:00pm. The St. Paul location is open Monday through Friday, from 7:30am until 4:30pm, but is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

No matter if you are looking for a quiet place to catch up on a book, or a louder experience to chat with friends and enjoy some wine, Dallas coffee shops come in all molds. Bring your kids or just a good book and relax while enjoying some of the most character-filled coffee in Texas.


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