Don't Miss Out: 3-Course Cocktail Menu at Indigo Grill


Lets face it, missing out on something great is a bummer and could cause awful symptoms. Long sleepless nights of dreaming of the big “what if?”, haunted by a daily internal monologue striking down on your missed opportunity. Yes, this battle can go on for ages. However, Indigo Grill in Little Italy is bringing back a deal and popular dishes that many might have missed that could finally bring closure and peace to your taste buds.

Back by popular demand, Indigo Grill offers their 3-Course Cocktail Menu for the month of March. The menu pairs each course with an handcrafted cocktail, intensifying the flavors that sends palates into a state of euphoric bliss. Executive Chef/Partner Deborah Scott is reviving her most famous dishes from her former restaurant, Kemo Sabe, for awaiting guests at her new restaurant located in Little Italy. Start the night off with Kemo Sabe Style Black Mussels paired with Indigo Grill's White Sangria. Next, indulge on Chef Scotts famous Skirts on Fire – an Asian/American dish known for its flavorful taste, delicate texture and high piquancy level. Guests who search for a fiery dish, look no further than Skirts on Fire. Spicy and tender, Skirts on Fire is comprised of marinated skirt steak dowsed with Thai spices that will surely form enjoyable sweat beads on the back of anyone's neck. Although spicy, Skirts on Fire is one of Chef Scott's most demanded dishes from the public and is a hot commodity for foodies in San Diego, literally. To add, Indigo Grill pairs the entree with Oaxaca Fire, a igneous cocotion made with tequila, triple sec, thai chile and lime. Lastly, the menu ends with Kemo Sabe's Potted Brownie paired with an Espresso Martini, a great way to cap off the dining experience at Indigo Grill.

The 3-Course Cocktail Menu runs Sunday through Thursday evening in March for $45 per person. Set your reservations now and don't miss this opportunity, this offer might not come back next Spring, or even at all.


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