Dublin Square: New Holidays and Old Traditions

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Yes, there are a few “big” holidays coming up: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and… that one that involves the gorging of sweet treats, right? At the moment, though, we have our eyes set on the immediate future and all the merriment to be had this very month with Dublin Square. The straight-from-the-Emerald-Isle pub is putting everything back into stout-flavored perspective by celebrating holidays truly deserving of a pint… or two.

September 17th marks the six-month countdown to the biggest and best holiday of the year! A time when everyone trades Santa’s little helpers in for naughty leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day brings out the Irish in all of us and turns us all into Guinness enthusiasts for a day. Visit Dublin Square and raise your glass of heady goodness to six months until the luck o’ the Irish strikes again. Enjoy a full Irish breakfast beginning at 8:00am, and new menu items and happy hour specials all day long. See the holiday-to-be festivities through with some authentic Irish revelry starting at 9:00pm that night: The Whooligans will have you doing the jig before you even realize you’re dancing on the bar.

Where would any of us be without Guinness?! I shudder to think. The man, the genius, the myth that started it all will be honored on September 22nd: Arthur Guinness Day! This third annual celebration commemorates the man behind the beer, urging us all to partake in an international toast of our favorite stout. The Worldwide Guinness Toast makes its way in one fluid, albeit slightly inebriated, wave from across the pond all the way to Dublin Square at 5:59pm PST. The pub will open at 10:30am that morning, just in case you want to practice your toast speech with a pint in-hand.

And because national sports really do deserve their own national holiday, Dublin Square is hosting NFL game-day specials like only the Irish could. On Sundays and Mondays, Happy Hour is every hour: with such drink specials as $3 draft beers, $3.50 well cocktails, and $5 select Irish whiskeys, you’ll think you stumbled over a pot of gold—even if your team stumbles over the ball. A number of tasty finger foods and bar bites are also offered at happy hour prices to ensure your winning team enthusiasm doesn’t wane through the game.

Dublin Square wouldn’t be a proper Irish anything if it didn’t represent all the world’s Rugby fans—join in the triumphs, follies, and beat downs of the Rugby World Cup 2011 at Dublin Square, where the bar won’t close until the winners step up. Open late during games, the pub will show live rugby on five HD TVs while serving up 11 new menu items, extensive drink specials, and new daily specials to help root on your team.

September may forever be known as the month of the Irish. I’ll drink to that!

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