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Flavor Del Mar takes an inspired look at contemporary California cooking, marrying traditional ingredients with creative techniques to compose both visually stunning and appetizing fare. By masterfully incorporating the delicate interplay of aromas, textures, and tastes into the construction of every dish, Chef Jason Maitland ensures that guests savor flavors that are just as familiar as they are intriguing. Set before a stunning coastal backdrop of brilliant blue days and epic sunsets, Flavor Del Mar offers true SoCal dining.

Two original menu dining offers are exciting Flavor Del Mar fans and foodies alike:

On June 7th, Flavor Del Mar is hosting their “Scribe Wine Dinner” to explore a few of the rich and complex varietals the winery is known for with four courses of the gourmet cuisine Flavor Del Mar is known for. Flavor Del Mar’s Scribe Wine Dinner is an evening of refined indulgence, marrying the restaurant’s picturesque ocean views and chic décor with bold and thoughtfully orchestrated cuisine to complement Scribe Winery’s prized bottles, for $95 per person. See HERE for full menu details.

This spring, come and experience the Suckling Pig Tasting Menu that features three courses of carnivorous indulgence for $50. From start to finish, the other white meat takes center stage—begin with the Terrine of Smoked Pig Trotter and Shoulder and end with the Steamed Sponge Cake with bacon gelato and bacon-pecan praline. Find the full menu HERE.

Take advantage of these exclusive menus and sample spring on a plate… just remember to claim your table now while you can.

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