Get French for a Few More Days


Restaurant Week… a city-wide uber-popular event, for good reason.  I mean, what’s better than a week long celebration of top-notch foods and eateries?  A week that lasts 14 days.  That’s the way The French Gourmet is rolling at any rate.  Not satisfied with the status quo of a mere 7 days of culinary bliss, this north Pacific Beach establishment had so much fun with their customers, they decided to continue the party for another week.  

Extended until January 28th, The French Gourmet has a three course dinner for $30, and a two course lunch for only $15.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to sample fine French cuisine at a discounted price.  Never had some of France’s more famous dishes?  Now is the time to try escargots or sautéed frog legs for the first time.  Just make sure you’re saving room for entrees like Duck Leg Confit or Pan Seared Local Halibut.


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