Grilled Cheese Truck: Rolling to LA Streets Near You!

The ever so popular idea of convenient mobile taco trucks has recently become grounds for re-invention, most recently in the form of the Grilled Cheese Truck. Menu items will include signature suggestions, such as the Cheesy Mac and Rib, made with southern macaroni and cheese, house-smoked barbeque pork and caramelized onions. For inventive customers, and those who simply know what they like best, ingredients including bacon, fresh herbs, and more, and will be listed for customized made-to order sandwiches. The Sides menu will offer American favorites like Fresh Tomato Soup, Pickles and Tater Tots. The GCT will also help kick those sweet tooth cravings with Sweet Sammies, prepared on sweet Hawaiian bread with choices of Nutella, Vanilla Poached Apricots, and Roasted Banana Puree, just to sample a few. The Grilled Cheese truck will be hitting the streets of Los Angeles soon, and people are excitedly awaiting its arrival!


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