It's French for Italian


Table d'hôte.  Also known as Prix Fixe.  That’s fancy French talk.  Originally meaning “host’s table”, it was used to describe a type of dining that invokes images of being a guest in someone’s home.  Nowadays it simply means, ‘We got your back.’  For a pre-set price the professionals at Asti Ristorante will bring you a three course meal.  “Solid,” you say.  “Prix Fixe me up!” you exclaim.   But wait, there’s more!  Included in this deal are wine pairings, dessert, and an amuse-bouche.  A what?  Oh sorry, more fancy French talk.  An amuse-bouche is quite literally a ‘mouth amuser’ (I know, it made me giggle too).  It is a small, delicious tidbit that not only readies your taste buds for the upcoming dinner, but gives you top-secret insight to the chef’s approach to cooking.

Here’s another kicker- this top secret mouth amusement is very rarely available.  In fact it only happens twelve times a year.  Seriously.  The last Sunday of the month you can hustle on down to Asti Ristorante, located conveniently in the heart of San Diego’s own Gaslamp District, pull up a chair, and let them do the rest of the work.  So you’re thinking your amuse-bouche would go well with a little vino?  Yeah, the folks at Asti thought so too… it’s already there- waiting patiently for you to consume thirstily.  Top it all off with some dessert prepared specifically for your party and you just prix fixed your way in to culinary heaven.

Asti is one of the Gaslamp’s premier Italian restaurants, and the Wine and Dine deal for $65 just can’t be beat.  Looking for a fancy French term to describe all of this?  Try, “c'est magnifique.”



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