Kitchen 4140: Start Your Day with a Healthy Serving of Fine Dining

Fresh Vegetables

When most people think of fine dining they think of dinner. Dining by candlelight does carry its own romantic appeal and there are times when food just tastes better in the midst of a glorious sunset, but Kitchen 4140 is proving that in some instances there can be no finer dining than breakfast and lunch.

Fully committed to celebrating the day (in more ways than one), Kitchen 4140 is one of the few organic and locally sourced restaurants in town to serve breakfast and lunch daily. In fact, they’ve left dinner off the menu altogether, concentrating their efforts on showcasing the highest quality ingredients possible through healthful and satisfying daytime dishes. Chef Kurt Metzger keeps his ear to the earth, constantly gauging the seasons for the freshest and most flavorful produce available. He also keeps his thumb green by maintaining the Kitchen’s own organic garden, which sources around 60% of the restaurant’s produce. Items that don’t come right out of the garden don’t travel far to make it in Chef Metzger’s hands. Local farms, artisan purveyors, and small producers supply the rest of what makes the Kitchen’s cuisine great.

All of these thoughtful culinary gestures come together on the plate: Breakfast features dishes like the Wild Caught Salmon Hash with applewood smoked bacon, the Bowl of House-made Granola with dark chocolate chunks, and the Vanilla Buttermilk Waffle with ground almond butter. For lunch, savor such specialties as the Wild Mushroom Torta with truffle oil, the Bacon-Leek Gnocchi with fresh vegetables, and the Mussels and Frites with coconut milk and curry. Classic American, Italian, and international components meld to highlight the ingredients of the day, making for a continually changing menu of perpetually tasty fare.

Visit Kitchen 4140 any day of the week for breakfast, lunch, and Sunday Brunch confident that you’ll experience bold flavors and healthful satisfaction.


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