Los Angeles’ Grill em All Merges Heavy Metal with Amazing Burgers

Burgers with Attitude


Heavy metal music has always filled the soul, but unfortunately never the stomach. Chefs Ryan Harkins and Matthew Chernus decided to change that with their informal, but very rocking ‘burger bus’ that takes license to particularly worship Metallica. Aptly named ‘Grill ‘em All’ in honor of the band’s first album, Kill ‘em All, this mobile restaurant blasts the loud and aggressive tunes while delivering prime American burgers that will fill up anyone’s stomach quickly.  With a firm belief in merging culinary culture with music (metal especially) Grill ‘em All uses their own state-of-the-art cooking equipment in the back of their bus to pay tribute to music and food fans alike with some of the best burgers around. 

Starting up in 2009, they’ve already become an international success with heavy hitter burgers such as “Behemoth” -- named after the Polish death metal group -- and another take on Metallica’s first album, the “Waste ‘em All.” these burgers are not for the faint hearted. Be warned! Wandering around LA for lost souls and empty stomachs, the duo is willing to cater to parties and bring the metal music along for a wild ride. If people don’t go for the food, they certainly go for the music. It’s one the best food sights to see in Los Angeles since the famous Pink and their hot dogs.


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