Marrakesh: A Traditional Moroccan Establishment


Gastronomists could, at times, be tired of the same carbon-copy entrees they often see at restaurants today. A 100 percent Angus hamburger in-between a garlic brioche bun with an aioli spread or pork belly in a caramelized sauce does temp the stomach to growl like a race car engine, however after constant run-ins with entrees like these might make their appetites become complacent after multiple trials. And nowadays, everyone is coming out with a progressive take on food that we are sometimes dumbfounded on the entrée’s ingredients (this taste like kale, or is it peanut butter?) Remember when you dived into a flavor combination that has no glitz or glam, just play good? Marrakesh is just that. They serve traditional Moroccan cuisine that is just, well damn good.

Located in the Society Hill District, Marrakesh delights customers’ taste buds with authentic Moroccan cuisine. Every guest that joins in on the Marrakesh’s dining journey will find that they hold nothing back; they only offer an illustrious five course excursion that touches everything that is Moroccan fare. First, guests are present with a Three-Salad Platter, a hodgepodge of cooked vegetable in tomato sauce and peppered with Mediterranean seasoning, and B’stella, a quiche-like dish with tender chicken, assorted nuts, almonds, eggs, parsley and onions topped with sugar. A great way to entice patron’s cravings, but there’s far more to go. The main courses consist of two sections that offer a multitude of options. Guests can choose from protein choices like Chicken with Lemon and Olives, Marinated Berber Beef Shish Kebab, and Lamb with Chick Peas and Onions. Lastly, diners will indulge on the homemade Couscons Grand Atlas, a baklava-type pastry topped with chick peas and raisins, and a dish of fresh fruits.

Not only does Marrakesh offer traditional Moroccan cuisine, its environment depicts a traditional Moroccan home setting. The dining room is fashioned with imported Moroccan rugs, large vibrant-colored pillows, and sense relaxing incense. Also guests can dine at a communal table among others, creating a family-like environment that’s welcoming. In addition, Marrakesh provides live belly dancers, moving their sultry figures to the beat of Moroccan music. 

A rare gem and a must visit, Marrakesh is a restaurant that’s not of the ordinary, and it’s an experience that everyone should try.


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