Mussels, French Fries, and Beer -- Yes Please!

Seafood Specialty

Decadent shellfish is delightful. Warm French fries are addictive. Good beer is inspiring. Combined, these three worthy singular items become a symphony of gastronomic gratification. Experience this ode to fulfilling fare for five days at Tapenade. Beginning today (May 24th), Tapenade is hosting their own Mussels, French Fries, and Beer Festival--serving up unique Moules et Frites dishes, along with a number of fine Belgium and French beers. These specials are available through Saturday, May 29th, during Tapenade’s normal lunch and dinner hours.

The Festival menu is comprised of four mussels-and-fries combo dishes, for $11 each. A focused list of beers from Northern France and Belgium is also available for tasting, and is priced separately. The Traditional ‘Moules Marinieres’ + Frites are served with shallots, garlic, parsley, and butter; and the L’exotique ‘Moules au Curry’ + Frites has cream, curry, and green apples. The Blanche de Bruxelles is a historic Belgium brew that is not filtered and boasts a natural spice aroma. Visit Northern France via the Gavroche “Biere de Garde,” a richly colored malty beer accented by fruity tones.

Raise your glass and fork to brilliant culinary couplings this week at Tapenade. Such lovely couples don’t come around that often.


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