New Research Shows White Wine Is Worth Toasting To

If you’ve ever felt a pang of guilt over denying yourself the health benefits of drinking wine by savoring a sip of your favorite chardonnay over that bottle of cabernet sauvignon gathering dust on the wine rack; fret no more. New research done by the University of Connecticut School of Medicine suggests that white wine contains the same health properties promoted in red wines. A study released in September of this year by the university’s Cardiovascular Research Center explains that lab rats given white wine had less heart damage after experiencing heart attacks – similarly to rats that were given red wine. Dr. Dipak Das reassures us that the polyphenol found in the skin of grapes – responsible for red wine’s color and chemical properties – is found in the flesh of the grape, as well. White wine lovers rejoice!

The abstract of the study, published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, is available here.


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