One Night in Sicily

one night in sicily

Most people can only dream about traveling to Sicily, soaking in the rich and unique culture and stand before the grandiose Sicilian Baroque architecture, flamboyant and theatrical; or relaxing seaside in its capital city, Palermo, and catching an opera or ballet performance at the prestigious Teatro Massimo. And most importantly, daydreamers find themselves lusting over Sicilian cuisine, which has been pleasing stomachs for the last two millennia. It would be incredible to just shut down the computer this instant, call it a mere "sick day," and take a taxi to the San Diego International Airport for a non-stop flight to Sicily just like those unrealistic, rom-com movies. But let’s be “realistic” here. If you try to take an impromptu trip to the largest land mass in the Mediterranean Sea, I can honestly say that the price tag to even get across the big pond at this very instant, might be a little…unreasonable. But for one night, and one night only, Sicily is coming to San Diego. On May 23, BiCE Restorante in the Downtown District offers a “dive into an authentic Sicilian evening,” a five-course menu that surrounds your senses with everything beloved from this seaside village.

Executive Chef Mario Cassineri has created a five-course menu that not only features the gusto of Sicilian cuisine, but offers dishes that catapult palates to titillating heights with remarkable flavor combinations. Also, each entrée is paired with an imported wine from Sicily to intensify the Sicilian experience. Start off the night with an Orange and Artichoke Salad with figs, chives and Sicilian Pecorino cheese paired with Rapitala’ Piano Maltese from 2010. For the main course, Chef Cassineri creates a spectacular seafood pasta dish with cherry tomatoes, swordfish, and eggplant. Paired with a 2008 Cusumano Pinot Nero, it'll be a dish that will transport you directly to Sicily, without the twenty hour flight and baggage fees.

May 23 is quickly approaching. Make it a point to reserve your spot at BiCE Ristorante for “One Night in Sicily." This adventure should not be missed.



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