Pamplemousse Presents French Cuisine and Romance


We are excited to incorporate Pamplemousse to our list of fabulous Vegas dining venues! A local favorite for over 35 years, this authentic French restaurant exudes class, romance, and old school charm. Located on East Sahara Avenue, one block east of the Las Vegas Boulevard, Pamplemousse provides the perfect location for those looking to escape the hustle of the Strip. Opened in 1976 by Chef Georges La Forge, this dining destination has since become the oldest French restaurant in Las Vegas. Named Pamplemousse, meaning “grapefruit” in honor of a close friend, Chef Georges La Forge serves authentic French cuisine to locals and Vegas visitors on the regular. Not only does the name Pamplemousse aptly represent its flavor-filled dishes, but it also describes the vibrant interior. Once inside, the decor transports you to a provincial French chalet. Cozy tables delicately set with pink and white layered tablecloths fill the main dining room. Rose-colored walls display photographs of Hollywood starlets from the past, while decorative lamps cast a romantic glow over the room. A feeling of enchantment hangs in the air, making Pamplemousse an idyllic spot to take a loved one, young or old.

Open exclusively for dinner Tuesday through Saturday, Pamplemousse’s menu features classic French fare a la cart in addition to two prix-fixe menus. For a genuine French experience, each table receives a complimentary basket of crudités and warm bread to start the meal. The crudités, or raw vegetables, include celery, carrots, and broccoli as well as others, with a dipping sauce. Simple details such as this contribute to Pamplemousse’s esteemed reputation and keep guests returning for more. The authenticity continues onto the menu, which boasts appetizers such as Les Escargot Bourguignone and Le Fois Gras “Au Torchon,” a house fresh foie gras with aspic and brioche triangles. 

For the main entrees, guests can select from fish, poultry, lamb, and beef options. House specialties include Le Jarret D' Agneau Braise, a braised lamb shank with red zinfandel, onion, mushrooms, and carrots and garlic mashed potatoes or L'Osso Bucco "A La Provencale." Each dish served at Pamplemousse represents French cuisine in its entirety, which is sure to excite any foodie or those looking to indulge in a culinary vacation.

For those who are novices to French fare, Pamplemousse offers two prix fixe menus. The four-course menu includes crudités, choice of appetizers, choice of entree, and a choice of dessert. The five-course menu features a different choice of course selections, with a Pamplemousse Granite course added in. Since no French cuisine experience would be complete without wine and chocolate, Pamplemousse offers a selection of French, international, and domestic wines. Aside from an assortment of profiteroles and crème brûlée, some noteworthy dessert specialties include the Grand Marnier or Chocolate Soufflé, with vanilla ice cream and chantilly. When looking for a night out with your sweetheart, step away from the glitz and glitter of the Las Vegas Strip, and take a short trip to Pamplemousse. The intimate setting, satisfying cuisine, and French ambiance will certainly make it a date night to remember.



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