Revamping Date Night. Dine While Being Entertained


Many things come in pairs. Let’s take a pair of socks for example. Even though they can exist in harmony without each other, they are better together. Come on, you don’t walk out of the house with one sock on, that’s silly. Entrées paired with wine is another example. Alone each live on, yet paired together they enhance the dining experience greatly. Lastly, we cannot forget a dinner and an event. Needless to say, dinner and a movie is the most common cliché for a date night.  How can we break this mold of roads always taken and add some excitement and variety to our evening? It’s simple. Throughout San Diego, restaurants feature a wide variety of events. Whether it is a four piece band playing lively jazz scores or a worldwide toast to Ireland’s main icon in draft beer, you can enjoy dinner with friends or a loved one while being entertained simultaneously.

Louis Armstrong once said, “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know.” Through its upbeat ballets to its sultry tune, jazz is a form of music that captivates the listener through tones and beat while swaying the listener’s emotions. So if you’re up for a night of extraordinary live music, grab your fedora and head to Croce’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar.  Located in the heart of the Gaslamp District, Croce’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar offers guests’ contemporary American cuisine that will make your tastes buds jump and jive like Croce’s Prime Contemporary Meatloaf, a hefty amount of Croce’s special meatloaf served with sautéed spinach, garlic mash and fried onion rings, giving a new twist to a traditional comfort food. Decorated with jazz memorabilia from the late Jim Croce, Croce’s is a replica of smokey, aged jazz bars and speakeasy’s with its sultry red decor and gritty brick walls, paying homage to latter days of the 50’s. On the outskirts of the bar lies a piano and stage, primed every night for artists to take the limelight and entertain the crowd with their jazzy melodies. Artists range from the Gilbert Castellanos Band, a new Latin jazz quintet, to A.J. Croce, a Blue’s artist and the son of Jim Croce. So be entertained for the night with the smooth sound of jazz while never leaving your table at Croce’s Restaurant and Jazz Bar.

If a taste of Ireland with a pub environment is what you are looking for, head down to Dublin Square Irish Pub and Grill on Fourth Avenue. Dublin Square feels like a local pub in Ireland that has magically transported halfway across the world - this is true to some extent. Dublin Square’s Irish interior was manufactured in Ireland and shipped thousands of miles to San Diego. With its aged-wood interior, brick wall décor, and Irish ornaments, Dublin Square is a bit of Ireland’s pub lifestyle in San Diego. Dublin Square offers traditional Irish cuisine like Sheppard’s Pie and Corned Beef and Cabbage, dishes that’s been made by the Irish for generations. To top off their utmost love for their homeland, Dublin Square is offers authentic Irish music every Saturday. You can raise your favorite draft beer and do the Irish Jig while listening to the dashing tunes of Sligo Rags or Paddy’s Pig. In addition, Dublin Square shows all football (European soccer) league matches that ordinary bars don’t. You can hoot and holler with all the soccer fanatics in San Diego while heckling the opposing team with tasteful intent. So stop by Dublin Square Irish Pub, raise your pint of Guinness and get an authentic taste of Ireland here stateside.

Another great Gaslamp eatery, Café Sevilla offers traditional Spanish cuisine live entertainment, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture. Café Selliva is a local landmark in San Diego, residing in the historic Gaslamp district since 1987 on Fifth Avenue. Its décor transports you back to a time of the Spanish Conquistadors. Traditional Spanish art runs across the wall telling stories of their land while at the bar, vegetables and faux meats hang from their awning to emulate a Spanish market. Tapas, small dishes of Spanish cuisine, are the main attraction on the menu. Tapas are great for small groups, offering a family style experience for everyone to taste and share. A fresh plate of Ceviche with Shrimp and fish marinated with Citrus juice or Rioja Braised Short Ribs are a great choice and a sure-hitter for all. Moreover, Café Sevilla offers live music every night and on Fridays, treating guests to a Flamenco Show, a dynamic showcase of Spanish dance, music, and singing. Enjoy Café Sevilla for all it has to offer: great food, beautiful environment and entertainment for all to enjoy.

Dining and entertainment usually go hand in hand when you go out on the town. Now instead of transferring from location to location, the two come colliding together for a great time in San Diego at a single place, enjoying the night without leaving your seat, and straying away from the stale trends of date night. Enjoy!


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