Romantic Dining in the City of Brotherly Love

Dining with a Date

Whatever your reasons may be, a romantic dinner can provide the perfect opportunity for a celebration between you and the one you love. And luckily, Philadelphia’s romance department spans across a variety of cuisines. Whether you are in the mood for Italian, or sushi, or French cuisine, the city of brotherly love can satisfy your deepest cravings and indulge your sweetest feelings. Here are a few of Philadelphia's romantic dining spots:


Porcini, a very charming Italian BYOB, is located on a very charming block of Sansom Street, between 20th and 21st.  Conveniently, a wine and spirits store is only a few blocks away. The interior of this Italian restaurant is small—sufficient enough for only a handful of couples—providing a very intimate atmosphere. The tables are close together, but the conversations seem to settle at a low hum, never interfering with one another. Porcini’s pleasant atmosphere provides a space in which couples will feel safe exchanging secrets or holding private conversations. The owner of the restaurant spends his time conversing with the customers, ensuring everyone’s complete satisfaction. His presence does not overwhelm but instead complements the exceptional food and the highly attentive staff.  With excellent food and service, coupled with the quiet, serene surroundings, Porcini promises a gentle, memorable night. Reservations are recommended, but whether you are expected or not, you will be treated like family the moment you step through the door.


Moving farther west, another small BYOB known as Rx provides truly gorgeous presentations of delicious “feel-good food.”  The restaurant places emphasis on serving organic food that not only tastes great but is also healthy. Detailed salads, fish and meat entrees, as well as homemade desserts make up a menu that changes with the seasons. Slightly more upbeat than Porcini yet still with a relaxed atmosphere, Rx is suitable for a first date or a night away from the kids. The staff at Rx is fun and boisterous and will welcome guests with large smiles and enthusiastic service. Artwork fills the walls with color, and vintage décor adds a home-like touch to the restaurant. Outdoor seating provides a lovely mood for pleasant evenings—the location, on the corner of 45th and Spruce, is such that noise and mayhem do not seem to exist. Be sure to call before heading over, as this restaurant occasionally keeps unexpected hours.


Traveling to the completely opposite side of town, Kisso can be found in Old City on the corner of 4th and Arch Street. Whether you are newly in love or falling for your partner for the second, third, or fourth time, Kisso is a delightful place to express your feelings. With its fresh fish and unusual dishes, it is one of Philadelphia’s great sushi restaurants. On top of the fantastic cuisine, the character of this BYOB allows for simple comfort and ease of dining. With floor-to-ceiling windows along one side of the dining area, customers can enjoy watching the city walk by as they savor their dinner. The sushi bar rests along the opposite wall, where guests can watch the chefs at work without feeling intimidated or crowded by their presence. The staff at Kisso is kind and quiet, allowing your conversation to flow and providing you with time to notice the smile in your date’s eyes. If the chef offers, order the tuna tartare. It is not on the menu, but it is phenomenal and worth a request.

Beau Monde

Beau Monde, well known for their large selection of authentic French crepes, welcomes guests into a lovely dining room with tin ceilings and mahogany woodwork. A fireplace sits in the middle of the restaurant, and serene artwork lines the walls. The warmly historic feeling of the interior takes guests back in time, adding a bit of fantasy to romantic evenings. Comfortable outdoor seating is also available, weather permitting. With a full bar, Beau Monde offers a large selection of wine and specialty drinks. In addition to savory and sweet crepes, they also offer a full selection of appetizers, soups, and salads, all of which create lively taste sensations. The staff, dressed in appealing French attire, is always polite and knowledgeable. They make guests feel comfortable while still leaving enough space for intimacy. If you are in the mood for a quieter, more sentimental atmosphere, Beau Monde is a great place for a somewhat swanky night away from the kids or for celebrating an anniversary. Located on the corner of 6th and Bainbridge Street, Beau Monde adds an elegant touch to a very lively and entertaining neighborhood.


Both locations of Dmitri’s present very romantic settings for those who don’t mind a little noise. The Queens Village location, at 3rd and Catharine Street, is a BYOB; the location near Rittenhouse Square at 22nd and Pine Street offers a full bar. Both restaurants have low lighting, are slightly crowded, and are generally vibrantly noisy with an upbeat atmosphere. The setting is well-suited to treating your loved one at the end of a long and tiring week. Even more satisfying than the atmosphere is the absolutely exquisite cuisine, consisting of Mediterranean fish and seafood. All of the food served is noticeably fresh and full of flavor. The staff, although busy, is always friendly and knowledgeable, and they usually impress the crowd as they squeeze through the tables throughout the night. If you are looking to surprise your date, the staff is the type that will take part and help if you make a special request. Dmitri’s may not create the typical quiet romantic evening, but should be a destination if you are up for an exciting vibe to propel your feelings mixed with some of the most delicious seafood in the city. Be sure to inquire about specials as they are continuously delightful.


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