Skirts on Fire is Back at Indigo Grill


Indigo Grill and Stone Brewing Company are teaming up together to bring a patrons Skirts and Stone Sunday. Every Sunday, Executive Chef/Partner Deborah Scott is reviving her famous Skirts on Fire dish for the Fall 2011 season. Created at Deborah’s previous restaurant, Kemo Sabe, Skirts on Fire is an Asian/American dish that is known for its flavorful taste, delicate texture and high piquancy level. Fusing New Western and Asian cuisine, Skirts on Fire provides thrill seekers a spicy yet tender skirt steak marinated with Thai spices, giving a kick to anyone’s palate and raising their internal temperature a couple of notches. This dish is served with black beans, a chile-honey glazed quesadilla, salad, and a pint of Stone Brewing Company’s famous Arrogant Bastard Ale.

For those who missed out on Skirts on Fire at Kemo Sabe in Hillcrest before it closed, this is your chance to taste this famous dish. However, don’t wait too long, it’s only for a limited time. So head to Indigo Grill in Little Italy pronto!


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